Those who are interested in old Hungarian folk art and culture should pay a visit to the village of Boldog. The wedding traditions from a century ago, Palóc decoration on window frames, artistic patterns on stoves: these all can be found in the historical settlement, as reports. The memories of old times are preserved in the village between River Zagyva and Galga.

There is a village in Heves county where a special building stands.

The country house in Boldog conserved several generations’ pieces of folk art from 1871.

The collection is still growing and the house is being improved. The small exhibition established in the building consists of historical objects and furniture, showing how people lived in this region in different periods of the last century.

Multiple developments were done in the past couple of years in Tájház Boldog: an infrastructural renovation occurred and the tradition-preserving activities were extended.

Whenever visitors come to visit the site they frequently have opportunities to attend events related to the local folklore.

The renewed exhibition area uses interactive and modern tools. These devices introduce people to the wedding traditions and costumes of Boldog. These all contributed to Tájház Boldog receiving the Country House of the Year award in 2017, which was given to Tájház Dunaszentbenedek last year. Second prize went to Bodrogközi Múzeumporta in Cigánd, which won the competition in 2014.

Photos: Magyarországi Tájházak Szövetsége

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