According to, the communist regime adulterated the label of the great wines of 1956. Now, at the 60th of anniversary of the revolution, 150 bottles of wine were re-bottled and re-labelled.

The year of 1956 was an outstandingly good vintage similarly to 1947 and 1972, which are kept count of as the best wines of the century. But the communist regime didn’t fancy the year of 1956, so they simply labelled bottles with 1957 (this secret was only revealed after the change of regime).

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 1956 revolution, 150 bottles of ’56 sweet dessert wines were re-labelled and re-bottled. A beautiful image film was made about this procedure, which shows us the beautiful vineyards of Tokaj, the wine-cellar of Nemzeti Borvagyon (National Wine Asset) and the technology itself.

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Such a re-bottling has never been done in such quantity in Hungary but it is also unique on a world spectre. The 60-year-old wines were first put to sensory review by the Hungarian Wine Expert Committee, and then the origins of the wines were justified by analytic examinations. The National Wine Asset includes almost 300 thousand bottles of Tokaj Aszú, the sweet dessert wine of the region, and other wine specialties. For instance, the oldest ones were bottled in 1865.


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