According to, the all-time greatest Hungarian touristic development programme has been launched, its first visible results will be introduced at Lake Balaton this summer, as 56 renewed beaches will welcome guests with the most convenient services. The development of Balaton’s transport system is also right around the corner as it turned out at Zoltán Guller’s, the Hungarian Touristic Agency’s managing director, press-conference.

People have money again

The managing director said that people have money to spend on experiences again, since the crisis, and Hungary counts as a safe country compared to France, for instance, where 1 million tourists have disappeared due to the fear of terror acts. He emphasized that their aim is not necessarily to attract new tourist groups, but to achieve that people stay longer in the country.

Currently, tourists spend two and a half days in Hungary on average, but the agency wants this number to increase to 3-4 days. Tourism counts for almost 10% of the GDP and it employs around 350 thousand people, because developments create new jobs in all regions.

Experience spots all over the country

Zoltán Guller highlighted that the destination-based approach is more and more important when it comes to the development of touristic regions, meaning that the aim is to create experience spots in certain highlighted destinations.

Their goal is to mobilise people and get them out of wellness hotels, so that they would want to stay for more days in the country. The developments mostly concern new attractions, touristic sights in highlighted touristic regions.

The renewal of the country brand and the branding of highlighted touristic regions will also start. The managing director added that the performance of the family-friendly touristic development plan is to start this year as well. He believes that it is indispensable that restaurants, accommodations become family-friendly places able to welcome several generations with changing table, kids’ corner etc.

Moreover, the agency aims to end the Budapest-centralism, so they initiate the development of further highlighted touristic regions, like the Danube Bend.

Lake Balaton to renew

56 beaches are to be renewed at Lake Balaton. On average, 20-60 million forints will be spent on the bettering of service standards, which adds up to 1.8 billion forints in total. Zoltán Guller also said that they want to achieve that people travelling to Balaton leave their cars and opt for public transport instead, when they want to get from one settlement to another.


The development of Balaton’s public transport system is predicted to be a 5-10 or even 20-year long, which includes a public bicycle programme and boats with electric engines.

The competition generated by Airbnb is not fair

Responding to the question of a journalist, the managing director said that they are aware of the functioning of interest-groups offering business-like services and using Airbnb as a let-out in the capital city, and the agency believes that they mainly have to stand up against this phenomenon, not against people who rent only one property.

The situation needs to be handled, the obligatory payment of touristic tax would be the minimum. The agency will probably make a proposal on the topic in autumn after the verification of the legislative background.


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  1. Thank God for Viktor Orban. I really respect him. I am a child of the Hungarian Revolution; born in Pest, and had to escape with my family as my father was a Hungarian Freedom Fighter and the rotten commies wanted him badly to be punished for spreading arms to his fellow villagers in order to help them! I go back as often as possible as I still feel very “Hungarian’ in my heart. Hungary will always be my 1st identity! Tho I live in the USA; I would still be in Hungary if not for my brave father escaping with us 3 kids in the middle of the night to Austria!

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