According to, you could vote for the best venues, clubs and bars under the Heineken Budapest Nightlife Awards that was organized for the first time. More than 10 thousand people voted for nearly 100 participating bars. The 35 winners of the 12 categories were awarded in the Fogasház, where the band called Rendes Pénz performed.

In addition to Bestia, Léhűtő from the Tűzoltó Street was also nominated for the best craft beer pub category, but the latter did not want to participate in the contest. Here is the list of the winners.

Best party organizer category:

  1. Citymatiné
  2. Next Level
  3. Lavalava

Best wine bar category:

  1. Divino
  2. Doblo
  3. Apropó

Best craft beer pub category:

  1. Léhűtő
  2. Bestia

Best outdoor venue category:

  1. Budapest Park
  2. Raqpart
  3. Fröccsterasz

Best concert venue category:

  1. Akvárium klub
  2. Budapest Park
  3. Barba Negra Music Club

Best pub category:

  1. Aznap
  2. Telep
  3. Liebling

Best ruin pub category:

  1. Ankert
  2. Fogasház
  3. Instant

Best bar category:

  1. Raktár bár
  2. Badgirlz Barclub
  3. BOB

Best gay-friendly place category:

  1. Anker’t
  2. Tütü
  3. KIOSK Budapest

Best small club category:

  1. VOLT Music [email protected]árium
  2. LÄRM
  3. Toldi klub

Best big club category:

  1. Akvárium
  2. Tesla
  3. Ötkert

Best country town category:

  1. Pécs
  2. Győr
  3. Szeged

Photo: Budapest Nightlife Facebook page

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