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Based on the votes of Hungarian lángos lovers, the Lángos Buffet Tiszakécske was chosen as the best lángos spot of Hungary in 2017. Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu writes that the buffet finished in the first place of the “Vénusz’s favourite lángos spot” competition and won 500 litres of sunflower oil.

The “Lángos Voks” (~lángos vote) competition organised by Vénusz (oil brand) turned out to be a quite exciting, neck and neck race between two buffets.

In the end, the Lángos Buffet Tiszakécske won the competition with 2229 votes. They are followed by Lángos a’la Rohlicsek with 1928 votes.

The winners have been making amazing lángos on the market of Tiszakécske for 12 years. The dough of their lángos is medium thick, crunchy and is abundantly topped with cheese and garlic.

The owner, Józsefné Balogh, Babi, said that she developed the dough recipe for years and she only uses quality ingredients when making it. The other secret of her success is that she only uses the oil once, she always heats up a fresh portion of oil for every lángos. Moreover, she always blots up the leftover oil.

The buffet introduced a so called “thankyou lángos” a few years ago, which costs 290 forint for anyone wishing to practice charity. Babi collects these bills, takes them to a local family helper service that gives them out to people in need, who can exchange the bills for lángos.

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