After last week’s post about a guide to Budapest’s doughnut scene, we are back with another edition, this time with Thai food in our focus. We have already reported about the best Chinese restaurants in Budapest; now it is time to give the same attention to Thai cuisine, especially since, in 2017, a total of seven Thai dishes were featured on CNN Travel’s list of the “World’s 50 Best Foods”. Thus, Thailand became the country with the most dishes on the list. Let us see where the best Thai places are in Budapest.

In Thai cuisine, dishes are prepared lightly, with an emphasis on aromatic ingredients and a certain spicy edge. Thai chef McDang once highlighted these aspects of Thai cooking:

“intricacy; attention to detail; texture; colour; taste; and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as the good flavour”.

The presentation also plays a crucial part in Thai cuisine, as well as making sure everything has a nice smell.

Here is where you should go if you have a craving for Thai food in Budapest:

1. Bangkok Thai Restaurant

Bangkok Thai Restaurant has quite a central location, close to Liberty Bridge and the Great Market Hall, so it is easy to reach by public transport. They are open every day from noon till 11 pm.

thai restaurant, budapest
Bangkok Thai Restaurant

They have a very diverse menu, with lunch deals offered for just HUF 1500 (EUR 4.64). You can go for the more traditional Thai dishes such as the tom yum hot and spicy soup, the fried rice, or green curry with coconut milk. There are specialities on offer, too, so you can opt to try the dish including duck, bamboo, mushroom and caramel sauce, or lobster stuffed with glass noodle.

An additional nice thing is that they also offer to deliver anywhere in Budapest, with no additional costs for the delivery (though there is a minimum amount you have to spend, depending on which part of Budapest you live in).

Here are some reviews that will convince you if you are still on the fence:

“The best place I know so far, taking all aspects into account: the quality of the food, the service, location and prices. An absolute fave!” (Nora M., Google)

“We love it! Great food, lovely staff, impeccable quality. I can only recommend! 😊” (AndrasP., TripAdvisor)

2. Tom Yum Thai Restaurant

Tom Yum Thai Restaurant has three different locations in various parts of Budapest. Their mission is to introduce Hungarians and tourists to what Thai cuisine is really like. The chefs are all from Thailand and use original Thai recipes, while the restaurants are also decorated to give the place an authentic Thai ambience of joy and harmony.

thai food, budapest, restaurant
Tom Yum Thai Restaurant

The restaurant offers over 300 varieties on 50 Thai specialities, including soups, salads, curries, fish and desserts, with a variety of drink options, alcoholic and non-alcoholic as well.

From the namesake tom yum soup through frog thighs as starters to steamed fish dishes, you will surely find something you like. There are vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Although this restaurant is on the pricier side, fans of Thai food say the experience is worth every penny (or forint, in this case):

“An excellent place! Delicious food, quick service, lovely waiters 😊 absolutely 5 stars” (Tina K., Google)

“A bite of Thailand in the heart of Budapest” (TripAdvisor)

“We spent a lovely evening here with my fiancée … If you wish to discover Thai specialities surrounded by a nice atmosphere, I can only recommend.” (IstvanB., TripAdvisor)

3. Padthai Wokbar

Padthai Wokbar is a chain with several locations in Budapest, both on the Pest and the Buda side. They describe themselves as ‘fast casual’ and vow to offer some calmness and relaxation in the midst of the everyday rushing. They offer fast but nutritious, healthy but enjoyable dishes in a modern, clean-cut and ambient atmosphere.

thai food, budapest, restaurant
Padthai Wokbar

How you would like your meal is entirely up to you, as you can create your own bowl in three simple steps. You choose a base, then a type of meat if you wish to, or some other toppings like mushrooms or pineapple, and, finally, a sauce of your choice out of six options. There are extra toppings as well, like sesame seed, onions or roasted peanuts. Of course, you can choose to have some soup, and there are dessert and snack options as well.

They pay attention to the various food sensitivities you might have, too.

Their website is very up-to-date, and you can even count the calories that go into your food if you wish to. Also, as you create your own dish, the price is based on whatever you choose to go into your bowl (it is usually between EUR 5.5 – 8).

Some reviews to convince you to go:

“I love this place! Although there is always a crowd, we always get our food in time, I’ve never been disappointed. The staff is also lovely 😊” (Brigi, TripAdvisor)

„Padthai wokbar is always a good choice. And the Laos Red Curry sauce… beyond perfect” (Gabriella Sz., Facebook)

Whichever restaurant you choose, we hope you enjoy it 😊

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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