Even though the government encourages families to have more children, the financial support does not seem to be enough. Just a few Hungarian parents decide to extend their families, as hvg.hu report.

About the aid

The state budget allows 1929 billion forints (about 6.2 billion euros) this year to support families bringing up children. This is 346 billion forints (about 1.1 billion euros) more than in 2010. However, as vg.hu reported, more money will be divided among fewer families. This way,

the number of the supported families will decrease by 130,000.

The amount of the care in 2016 was 46 billion forints (about 150 million euros) less than in 2010.


According to the data of KSH (Central Statistical Office),

the natural decrease of the Hungarian population was even more than 40 thousand people last year.

This is harsh even if we compare it to the bad statistics of the previous years.

The rate of employment among parents with small children is the lowest in Hungary.

Only ten percent of those raising children under the age of three work.

For comparison, the rate is two-thirds of the population in Austria. The majority of them choose a part-time job, but in Hungary, this form of employment is not common.

Source: hvg.hu

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  1. Hard to state whether this policy is a fail until it has been ongoing for at least 10 years. Also, is the policy being promoted enough to the population?

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