According to, the introduction of the electronic ticket system can bring serious changes in the struggle against scallywags. BKV (Budapest Transport Company) wants to redirect a part of the inspectors from the metros to the buses and trams.

Budapest Transport Center (BKK) will revise the allocation of inspectors after the introduction of the e-ticket system (planned for 2017) – website Vilaggazdasag (VG) wrote. Turnstiles return to the metros, so personal control will be unnecessary. A part of the people working there will be directed to the buses and trams.

VG does not know if any kind of headcount reduction are planned and whether a part of the inspectors will be fired.

The transport organizing company plans that assistant inspectors will appear on the public transport vehicles again. They will be able to record data of passengers who do not have a ticket or a pass, but they won’t be allowed to collect the penalty on the spot. The article of VG reveals that there are 20 inspector teams operating in two shifts in Budapest where public area inspectors also help the work, wrote.

These turnstiles can replace the inspectors. Photo:

Last year, more than 350 thousand people were fined, and the company collected more than 1 billion forints of penalty. Roughly a seventh of it was paid on the spot, the rest was paid later.


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