Mushroom-shaped fountains, wine-coloured chairs, concrete-like supporting walls and even playground toys are on the list of the Centre of Budapest Transport – BKK’s plans for the reformation of the square. Building constructors have a possibility until 15th February 2021 to apply to do the reconstruction of one of the busiest squares of the capital. Its current condition is unworthy to its function and name, but its renewal has been on the agenda for a very long time now. So long, that we wrote about the plans more than a year ago. 

The square was named, back in 1920, after a famous Hungarian actress and singer and it used to have the old National Theatre standing in the middle of it until it was blown up in 1965 to restructure the city. Today the square is more of a meeting point for Budapest residents and a vast traffic centre which caused its current condition to deteriorate significantly. Already back in the summer of 2017, the management of the capital decided about the renewal, but works still have not started. Based on the public procurement, the square can very soon regain its old glory – writes

Nationa Theatre Fortepan
National Theatre 1893 – Fortepan / Fortepan

According to the plans, the square will profit significantly from the complete renovation: tram platforms, traffic lights, pavements, chairs for public use, fountains and even plants and trees will all be included.

Blaha Lujza tér
Blaha Lujza square today – Wikipedia

The publication of BKK containing what needs to be improved and what needs to be preserved, says that the old fountain will be rebuilt into a mushroom-shaped fountain and 38 nozzles sunk into the pavement need to be added, as well. 84 pieces of wine-coloured chairs will be installed, and the pavement is going to be put together using a lot of paving-blocks of different shapes and sizes.

Blaha Lujza tér
Plans of the new Blaha Lujza Square –

Public transportation, pedestrian traffic and access by cars will be a bit different too. According to the publication, an underpass of 1100 m2 will be added together with a new road surface of 1400 m2. Road junctions with traffic lights and new water-conduits and canals will be built.

Blaha Lujza tér
Plans of the new Blaha Lujza Square –

There is no immediate decision about planting trees or plants in this announcement, but it suggests that this is meant to happen to spaces left empty. The previously mentioned oval pavilion designed for cultural purposes is not referred to. Still, it is suspected that it will be included in the second cycle of the works divided into two parts by the management of the capital.

The execution of the plans can only be given to a company who has adequate references,

in this case, this means a company that has done a complete building or reconstruction work on public space in the past 96 months based on a contract that has been terminated and handed over.

Future constructors can submit their proposals until 15th February 2021. However, the works need to be done quickly, as based on the agreement between the city and the government signed this October, state support can only be asked before the end of the next year.


  1. “Tired old Lady” – is Blaha, but she can – as she has and did gloriously – to millions of Hungarians, sing a new song and entertain us AGAIN – after her Face Lift ///
    It is a major hub in our beautiful City, transport and meeting place, and her “face lift” will only enhance the entire area of the District, to attract greater numbers, in particular Tourists, when our lives again return to a degree of normality.
    Bring it on – make it Happen.
    Please do not Forget – to place deservingly , in a prominent position for viewing, a memorial of type, to the glorious building that did adorn the site, before the needed construction of the metro – The National Theatre.

  2. Must be in the plans to “refresh” – Blaha Lujza ter, the undercover area opposite, main doorway undercover entrance into Lidl Supermarket – presently, a disgusting, vile and hygienically unclean location, that this location area of Blaha Lujza is Cleaned and Updated.

  3. Like the other squares that have been redeveloped recently, this looks ugly, not fitting with the style of the buildings around and will most likely be made with overpriced cheap materials that look really worn down and tatty within just a few months. Its sad to see Budapest messed up like this.

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