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Border protection vital to Europe’s internal security, says Orbán’s advisor

Border protection vital to Europe’s internal security, says Orbán’s advisor

Europe’s internal security cannot be guaranteed without border protection, the PM’s chief security advisor said on Wednesday.

Assessing Tuesday’s meeting between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, György Bakondi told public news channel M1 that Hungary and Italy agree on a number of issues, including the position that Europe’s borders must be protected and that asylum seekers who have entered Europe but are not eligible for refugee status should be repatriated.

The Hungarian government has been consistent in its stance that the borders should be sealed to migrants, he said.

Hungary has demonstrated on its southern border that doing so can stop illegal migration, while Italy, and earlier Australia have proven that migration can also be stopped at sea, Bakondi added.

As regards next year’s European parliamentary elections, the PM’s advisor said that while in past elections, Europeans tended to vote based on their country’s domestic political situation,

this time the deciding factor for voters could be the pan-European issue of illegal migration.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Orietta Scardino

Source: MTI


  1. andre

    Orban had en heeft 120% gelijk en de rest zal wel volgen als het in sommige landen niet te laat is .

  2. andre

    Orban had en heeft 120 % gelijk en andere landen zullen volgen als het niet te laat is.

  3. VEDO

    Brother, it’s never too late to stop illegal immigration. Love people from all over the world in Hungary, only but the legal ones. Us free democratic Europeans will stick together and keep the continent together and sane!

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