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According to a new analysis, a significant portion of Hungarian people think that it if you want to live a good life in Hungary your gender and origin matter.  

The latest poll by the European Commission examined equity, equality and mobility among generations. The Eurobarometer, which was published on Monday, revealed that, while in Bulgaria one person out of five feels lonely almost all the time, Hungary is in a better situation: it is “only” every tenth (11%) person.

The citizens of the EU were also asked if they trust their country’s residents. 85% of the Finns, 82% of the Danes and 76% of the Swedes answered yes.

At the bottom of the list are Cyprus and Greece with 24% and Slovakia with 23%. 11% of the Hungarian people said that they do not agree that they can trust most of the people in their country.

As the 24.hu said, the population of 11 countries from the EU agrees that immigration is a good thing, but at least half of the citizens from eight other nations do not think like that.

The mostly anti-immigration country is clearly Hungary where 70% of the citizens do not think that immigration is a good thing. Moreover, more than half of the population (51%) is against it.

23 countries from the EU believe that globalisation is useful, for example, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Luxembourg. On the other hand, Greece is the only one where the majority is against it. There are also many in Hungary who feel this way, which makes the country the second greatest anti-immigration country.

There is only 3 European Union country, where the majority of the citizens agrees that the high-level education is crucial for the progress in life: Germany, Cyprus and Austria. Only 6% of EU’s population in average thinks that education is not crucial, this number is 16% in Hungary.

Now we have arrived at the main topic of the article. The creators of the survey were also curious about the citizen’s opinion on how important it is to know the right people to have the right connections to succeed in life.

Not less than 94% of Hungary think that it is crucial.

In comparison to the Netherlands, where only one person out of 10 feels that it is essential, in Hungary this number is 4.

During the survey, they also examined how vital it is to born into a wealthy family according to the people from the EU. 23 countries recognise its importance, including Hungary where 89% of the population thinks it as an essential thing.  

The numbers are talkative if we take a look at the other end of the list. For example, in Denmark, 65% of the people agree that it is not a key thing.

Moreover, 81% of Hungarians think that political connections are also necessary, while on the bottom of the list only 2% of Danish people agree with that.

Another interesting question to ask is how the ethnic origin influences someone’s life. Hungary is on the top again. While the average is 6% across the European Union this number in Hungary is outstanding with 20%. Not surprisingly, 68% feels that gender influences success as well. In connection to that 91% answered “yes” to the question if there is a significant salary gap between people because of their gender, race etc. After analysing the results, it turned out that 87% of Hungarian people want the government to find a solution to these problems.

Translated by Dóra Fehér

Source: Hír24

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