According to, one thousand students and teachers may participate on Europe’s greatest “future festival” for free. Brain Bar Budapest expects people also from America, Ecuador and Indonesia this year.

Brain Bar Budapest (which was chosen to be Hungary’s most inspirational event) has been free to enter for students and teachers since its establishment. This year, this opportunity will be available for more people than ever, as the hosts banished the VIP lists, so the tickets that used to be reserved for that purpose will be given to students and teachers.

At Brain Bar Budapest the audience can learn about the most important business, technology, cultural and social trends of the future. Besides sixty outstanding people’s presentations and debates in English, students who are planning their future are welcome to attend a special event called Brain Bar Future Jobs where they can contact the leaders of enterprises like Telekom, BlackRock or General Electric.

The registration of students and teachers has been concluded: the youngest student is 12 years old, the oldest teacher is 64. It is notable that 15% of students come from abroad to attend Brain Bar Budapest, among them American, Ecuadorian and Indonesian people. The rate of people from outside Hungary is increasing: one third of the ticket buyers travel to Hungary exclusively for Brain Bar Budapest.

Brain Bar Budapest will take place between 1-3 June on Erzsébet Square. You can order your ticket at

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