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They say that if they remained, they would risk being part of a practice not in line with the law of the European Union. 

According to, Frontex is suspending its activity in Hungary. Chris Borowski, a spokesman of the European Union’s border control body, already confirmed the information of Eurologus, a subsite of writing about EU affairs. He said that the reason behind their decision was that Hungary did not execute the December 17 sentence of the Court of Justice of the European Union and

still deport migrants back to Serbia unlawfully.

According to the December verdict, authorities force all migrants arriving in the country to the Serbian side of the border fence which still belongs to the territory of Hungary. However, there is no infrastructure for them, which means that the Hungarian authorities execute deportation each time. That process contradicts international and European Union law since the migrants do not have any other choice but to leave Hungary. Furthermore, they do not have a legal remedy to stand up against the decision of the authorities.

According to Frontex, the Hungarian authorities did nothing to cease such actions and modify the relevant measures. Therefore, they feel if they remained, they would become part of a process contradicting European Union law. Frontex is the border control body of the European Union, providing help in the issue for all member states. Brussels already declared many times that strengthening it is one of their top priorities. That is why they plan to increase the number of Frontex staff from one to ten thousand.

In Hungary, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee monitors the situation of the people the Hungarian authorities send back. Based on police data, they stated that members of the police and the military forced

approximately 50 thousand people to the Serbian side of the border.

 In December, foreign minister Péter Szijjártó said that some want to manage migration, but Hungary wants to stop it.


  1. To ensure the safety of the Hungarian people, the border should be protected by Hungarian patriots. Illegal migrants should never be admitted into the country. Hungary is surrounded by safe countries, no valid reason exist for requesting for refugee status in Hungary. There are embassies in every EU country, nothing stops foreigners to apply for legal entry into the country. The Hungarian government insists on law and order for her citizens it is not unreasonable to accept the same from foreigners.

  2. You are right Maria, but they are coming without any documents from another part of the world !!!!
    How far you as Hungarian or me as a Serbian citizen will get if we decide to go to Afghanistan without and document?
    Big support for Hungary from Serbia and we would like to have government with strong backbone as well!!!

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