Hungary has agreed with Croatia to mutually recognise immunity certificates allowing holders unrestricted travel between the two countries, the foreign minister said on Facebook on Wednesday.

Under an agreement reached earlier today,

“Hungarian nationals who have been vaccinated can travel to Croatia with no obligation to isolate or get tested,”

Péter Szijjártó said.

The technical details will be posted on the Hungarian Foreign Ministry’s Consular Service website during the week, he said.

Talks with other neighbouring countries are ongoing on the matter of accepting certificates, Szijjarto said.

The first neighbour Hungary agreed with on mutually recognising immunity certificates was Serbia last week.

As we wrote in THIS article, in case you already got your immunity certificate, you can profit from certain advantages when travelling to a neighbouring country of Hungary and when returning. As all countries are trying to boost their vaccination programme to return to normality and have a relatively free summer, some of them already grant certain advantages and easement to those possessing the holy certificate.

Here is a comprehensive guide to crossing the Hungarian border and to know what to prepare for in these neighbouring countries. First of all,

even if you do not have a social security card (TAJ), you can still be vaccinated in Hungary.

The inoculation of foreigners without TAJ card will begin mid-May, and registration already started yesterday. It is very important to note that the rules of the immunity certificate and how to obtain it have changed!

Now, let us focus on the rules and exceptions when crossing the Hungarian border to go to a neighbouring country.

Further details in the ARTICLE.

Source: MTI, Daily News Hungary

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