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BREAKING NEWS – European Parliament proposes invoking Article 7 on Hungary – UPDATE

BREAKING NEWS – European Parliament proposes invoking Article 7 on Hungary – UPDATE

Budapest, May 17 (MTI) – The European Parliament on Wednesday voted to propose invoking Article 7 against Hungary based on two draft resolutions on the situation in Hungary.

The proposal was submitted by the Socialists and Democrats, ALDE liberals, the greens and the radical left EP groups.

The resolutions cite risks that Hungary may seriously violate EU basic values, and the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) has been asked to prepare a report on Hungary with a view to holding an EP vote on launching the first steps of Article 7 which suspends voting rights.

The resolution, adopted with 393 votes in favour, 221 against and 64 abstentions, says the developments seen in Hungary over the past few years posed a “systemic threat to the rule of law” in the country.

Fina Aristic

The document calls on the Hungarian government to continue to pursue dialogue with the European Commission, amend parts of the higher education law and its asylum regulations in connection with which the EU has expressed concerns, and to withdraw a bill on the transparency of civil groups funded by foreign donors. The resolution also asks the EC to strictly monitor the use of EU funds by the Hungarian government.

The EP in addition expressed concern over what they called a “deterioration of the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights” in Hungary, citing concerns over the state of the freedom of expression, academic freedom, freedom of assembly and association, the rights of people belonging to minorities, the human rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as the independence of the judiciary.

The resolution says the EC’s current approach to Hungary “focuses mainly on marginal, technical aspects of the legislation while ignoring the trends, patterns and combined effect of measures on the rule of law and fundamental rights; believes that infringement proceedings, in particular, have failed in most cases to lead to real changes and to address the situation more broadly.”

“Hungary is a test for the EU to prove its capacity and willingness to react to threats and breaches of its own founding values by a Member State,” the resolution says.

The European People’s Party, the EP grouping to which Fidesz belongs, issued a “milder” resolution concerning the situation in Hungary. However, after the adoption of the draft by the S and D, liberals, greens and leftists, the Strasbourg plenary session did not vote on it.

Out of the EPP’s 216 MEPs, 67 supported the more stringent proposal while 40 abstained.

If the European Parliament submits its proposal to the European Council, a majority of four-fifths of member states would be needed to trigger Article 7.

The procedure for launching what is commonly known as “the nuclear option” is multistep, and a unanimous decision by the other member states would be required to suspend voting rights. Analysts say this would be almost impossible.


Foreign minister: EP proposal to trigger Article 7 on Hungary result of ‘Soros report’

The European Parliament’s vote to propose invoking Article 7 against Hungary represents another attack by the network of US financier George Soros, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Wednesday.

Referring to a 2013 report criticising the Hungarian government prepared by Portuguese green EP Rui Tavares, Szijjártó said the EP vote was “instead of a Tavares report” practically about a “Soros report”.

European institutions clearly cannot accept that Hungary’s government resists all international pressure and focuses on the security of the Hungarian people, Szijjártó told MTI.

No matter “what type of pressure they want to put on us” and no matter what reports they have the EP approve, the Hungarian government will keep its focus on Hungarians’ security and everybody can rest assured that “no illegal migrants will be allowed to set foot in Hungary”, he added.


Opposition Socialist MEP Tibor Szanyi said in a statement that Europe is a strong ally in the fight against “Oban’s despotism”. He said the EP resolution represented a moral and political breakthrough in exposing and isolating from Europe “Orbán’s regime”.

Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi said the consequences of the EP’s move to pass the resolution could be harsh on Hungary. “We have a year to get rid of the Orban government and drive Hungary back onto the path of Europe before some tough sanctions are introduced,” he added.”


Opposition DK MEP Péter Niedermüller said the majority of MEPs, regardless of their party affiliations, realised that the Hungarian government “systematically and severely violates the basic values of the EU, democracy, human rights and the rule of law”.

Source: MTI


  1. Jeffrey

    The EU is a threat to western civilization and the European ethnicities. Why are non white ethnic groups more important then our indigenous populations?

  2. Zoli

    Yeah! It is Hungary where freedom of expression is threatened. Just over a year ago we saw in Germany how for five whole days the authorities in collusion with the national media attempted to keep the mass-molestation of 1,200 women from reaching the public. It is also Germany which is pressuring Facebook to remove all posts that sit in the throat of the government on the migrant issue.

    As for the migrant quota, I see no difference between that EU policy and the Chinese policy of subjecting Tibet to mass-colonization in order to destroy the native ethno-cultural identity of the region.

  3. martaburka

    There is no excuse for Italy and Greece for not protecting its border. Migrants/refugees are drowning because of their lack of backbone.

    Many migrants/refugees relocated often end up destitute or living in camps, waiting years sometimes for a decision whether they have legitimate reason for asylum.

    EU countries also asks migrants/refugees to integrate into their society, this is often not achieved because of the difference in cultures. Then there is terror, rape, welfare fraud, robbery and murder.

    Children born to migrants/asylum seeker middle eastern families sometimes turn out to be terrorists because of their upbringing.

    They have no right to criticize you because of their failure. This is what the EU wants for Hungary.

    Hungary, you lost your sovereignty to the Ottoman Empire, Austria, Soviet Union and Germany. You always came out as a loser. In 1956 the EU countries just watched while your young people died on your street. If anyone in Hungary thinks that the EU cares about Hungary’s welfare you are sadly mistaken,

    Recently, when your country was invaded by 400,000 migrants/asylum seekers, all the EU did was criticize.

    There is nothing Hungary can do is good enough for the EU, It is OK for other countries co keep migrants in camps but not you even though, Hungary’s camps are 100 times better then their slums.

    Hungary, it is time to wake up. The EU only want to use you. It is time to take back your sovereignty and support your government that has your interest at heart.

  4. Evie

    Whoever voted against Hungary , is a traitor and idiot.

  5. Anonymous

    Non-white groups are not more important than the indigenous European people. Frau Merkel just decided that she would punish the modern Germans as well as all white Europeans, because of Germanys own Nazi past…. the better part of a century ago.

    She’s not only wants to destroy her own people, so there can never be Nazi’s again; She wants to destroy all whites; even the decedent’s who fought against the Nazi regime. She figures if there’s no white people left, then there can never be white supremacy again.

    Obviously, not considering that the people she is importing will be far, far worse once they become a majority, take power and use the advanced technology that the white race created to Nuke Israel and the infidels. But, rest assured… there will be plenty of raping, enslavement, decapitation and torture before all of humanity is wiped out.

    I honestly believe that liberalism is a mental disorder. And, that Merkel should be tried for treason and the attempted genocide of the people she was elected to serve.

  6. Anonymous

    Soros is a traitor to the country of his birth a traitor to the USA where he received permanent residency and a traitor all the people of the world.

  7. VEDO

    With all the infringement procedures against Hungary and now this article 7 crap. It makes you wonder why the Hungarian government wants to put up with this EC bullshit. You gotta laugh as to how, oooh, the EU will cut off the funding, what funding?? EU must mean the funding there not willing to help sort out Greece, and Spain. But the Greek government is ready with migrants overrunning their country to stand up against Hungary who was and is still willing to help curb the problem. Who is stupid here??? I think the V4 need to have a brain reset here on why and how long they are willing to put up with and be a part of a western EU that is not speaking up or giving a crap about what they had and will have versus central EU that is not ‘afraid’ to call it as they see it and not put up with the non-elected EC from directing how things will be in Central EU with their minescuel EUROs.

  8. HUGH


  9. edward

    Time to leave the EU who do everything in their powers to dictate sovereign nations policies. Fascism at its extreme!

  10. Mark

    This is about power. Nothing else. Merkel opened the European doors to Africa and the rest of the world, when she had her ‘brainfart’ moment. Now Hungary and Poland want to protect their own people and customs/heritage, it cannot be allowed. It is no secret the people behind flooding Europe with these persons (mainly young men of a fighting age), is the under the NGO flags of Soros. The CEU having unfair advantage is a Soros institution too, which was I think cooked up with the socialists, at the time.

    Now we have Brexit on the horizon, I am curious who is going to pick up the UK ‘tab’. I am curious how its going to affect the spending in the poorer EU member countries too. All I see from my perspective is the need for the EU to have more Europe under the diktat of Brussels and its unelected.

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