Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said Hungary will veto the European Union’s budget for the 2021-2027 financial cycle, and its recovery package designed to offset the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, the prime minister’s press chief told MTI on Monday.

In a letter addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, Orbán said Hungary would vote against all elements of the multiannual financial framework (MFF) and the Next Generation EU recovery instrument (NGEU), including vetoing the parts requiring unanimous approval, Bertalan Havasi said.

The veto would include the decree on the MFF and a decision on the member states’ own resources, Havasi said.

Hungary in this instance is holding itself to the priciple that “nothing is agreed on until everything is agreed on,” Orbán said.

Havasi noted that Orbán had repeatedly warned against tying the EU’s budget and the recovery package to conditions where “the nature of the alleged law violation is not precisely defined, leading to politically motivated financial sanctions by employing double standards.” Such measures would threaten the trust between member states as well as Hungary’s interests, Havasi cited Orbán as saying.

Hungary is committed to the shared values of the European Union, including the rule of law, “but it should be left to the Hungarian people to decide whether those regulations are adhered to and implemented correctly, as they are as good judges of the issue as any other European people”,

the statement said.

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Source: MTI

  1. The EU should ignore the inflated bully and go ahead as planned. Which will also mean zero funds to the bully, family, and oligarch friends. What can be the consequence? Huxit? In that case, Hungary has all to lose, the EU little or nothing.

  2. Orban acts like an immature child, willing to put the whole continents economy at risk because he doesn’t want to take his hand out the cookie jar. Hungary continues to backslide and get worse and worse

  3. Oh dear.

    Mario and his fellow ‘E.U. worshippers’ have just had their nuts twisted by Hungary & Poland.

    For the record, Mario – who just LOVES telling other contributors to ‘get their facts right’ – has distorted the truth (and that is putting it mildly).

    The E.U. cannot just ‘ignore’ the vetos of Hungary and Poland in this particular situation – as the bureaucrats in Brussels (and their mainly left-wing political masters) are fully aware.

    What to do ?

    No options are now left to the E.U. apart from withdrawing ANY ‘linkage’ for receiving funds from the next (plus future) E.U. budget / recovery plan & strict adherence to some nebulous ‘rule of law’ concept.

    Hungary and Poland will no longer be fooled by some vague VERBAL promises from E.U. ‘mandarins’ or their handlers.

    It will take a lot more than that for the vetos to be stalled – yet alone withdrawn.

    Elmer Fudd (a.k.a. Charles Michel) summed it all up a few months ago when he exclaimed – “We did it !”.

    That sure is an understatement.

    Elmer and his fellow fools in Brussels have in all likelihood DESTROYED the E.U. through their political STUPIDITY.

    By the way Mario, ice might just help reduce that pain in your testicles.

  4. Hungary is in a trend , a cannonade, that its momentum relationship and position in the European Union, appears to be sadly or wrongfully, on a course, that appears not in the immediate and long term “healthy” interest of the country.
    Hungary needs to have a respected, healthy, vibrant co-operative role in the European Union.
    It requires to have a voice of respectability.
    It should abstain not to be witnessed, that it takes positions of objection, but that it supports embraces fairness and balance, without the constant position of objection, and being seen, as a solid supporter of the European Union and all it responsibilities to its member country’s.

  5. Hungary and Poland are running scared – if their systems adhered to the rule of law, as they maintain they do, then what have these governments got to fear from a linkage? This short term crisis will be resolved by the EU but you can be so sure that the other 25 will press for a rule change to prevent the majority of member states being blackmailed by these 2 rogue states ever sgain.

  6. Hungary joined the EU as a sovereign nation. No sections of the agreement states that Belgium, France and Germany are to make up new rules and the rest of the countries have to obey. There are two points of disagreement. 1. Illegal migrant/refugee resetlement. The illegal alien/refugee question was decided by the Dublin regulation. Therefore Hungary, being a buffer state, was never obliged to accept either illegal aliens or refugees. All members of these groups have and had the opportunity to apply for asylum in safe countries previously crossed. 2. Media coverage. The news media is another bone of contention. In all EU countries media is concentrated in a few hands. Anyone in Hungary is free to operate a news paper, TV station or other media outlets.

    The EU is irritated that small countries do not bow down and be thankful for the crumbs. It is time for the EU to become a trading block and stay out of sovereign countries internal operation. Germany has no authority over Hungary. Thetruthhurts is talking nonsense. Neither Poland or Hungary is afraid. Hungary has survived for over 1000 years before the EU and will continue to do so as a Christian Country.

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