Budapest, August 26 (MTI) – A brief disturbance broke out among migrants entering Hungary at the camp near the Serbian border on Wednesday. Police used tear gas to restore order, an MTI correspondent reported.

Migrants had wanted to speak to a television crew filming at the Roszke camp and this is when the disturbance took place. According to press reports, around 200 migrants were involved.

Police used force to restore order at the camp where the documents of migrants are examined and fingerprints taken. Among the migrants were people who objected to having their fingerprints taken.

Zoltan Kovacs, the government’s spokesman told MTI that the illegal migrants arriving in great numbers have become more aggressive and demanding.

They disobey rules, a conduct that nearly prevents the authorities from doing their job, namely registering and taking their fingerprints in a controlled manner, he said.

Hungarian police officers, however, are doing their utmost to act in the most humane manner possible while protecting the border, Kovacs said.

Fidesz lawmaker Szilard Nemeth, the deputy head of parliament’s national security committee, told a press conference that a joint meeting with the defence committee had been convened for September 1 with a cabinet member invited to attend.

The meeting will discuss the possibility of deploying the army and put forward a related motion to parliament which will require support from opposition lawmakers as well to pass.

Video from HírTV in Hungarian

Photo: MTI


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