According to Hungarians who live in the United Kingdom, the introduction of the scoring system from Australian influence will make moving to the UK impossible for Hungarians. 

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Pénzcentrum reported that the government of the United Kingdom decided to make the replica of the system which originates from Australia. Everyone who would like to move to the UK will have to get through this survey from January 2021. 

Out of 130 points, the minimum which has to be scored is 70. Below the minimum score, the British authorities will not allow entering the country.

The criteria are the following: 

  1. Acceptable level of English language knowledge: 10 points
  2. Exact job offer: 20 points
  3. Special skills for the offered job: 20 points
  4. Lack of employees in the chosen job: 20 points
  5. Payment of 2,133 pounds/month: 20 points
  6. PhD degree: 10 points 

The scoring system aims to decrease the number of immigrant people with weak skills and a poor level of English and to avoid letting more into the UK. 

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According to Hungarians, this scoring system has many problems. First of all, British companies are only eager to offer a position for an immigrant if he/she already has a British address and phone number. Moreover, the payment mentioned can be easily earned in London, but outside the capital, there is no company to offer such a payment. 

Only an estimated 5% of Hungarians could have the chance to move to the UK from January 2021. 

For those who are planning to move to the country, it is advisable to take action this year, and those who are already in the UK need to spare some money for the citizenship status. 

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  1. This story is completely incorrect. Firstly the salary does not apply to those who work within the healthcare. Having lived outside of London is surround cities both in the south and north of England, earning a wage higher than 2000 per month is easily accomplished in smaller companies and less likely in chain companies. Finally the to get a job obviously you need to be interviewed or have a prior agreement which again can be easily achieved, as any individual may visit the UK for a 3 month period you are able to rent for that time which gives you a UK address with a visa granted once a job is offered. Please don’t put people off living in the UK with posts such as this.

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