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According to portfolio.hu, member of the UK government department responsible for Brexit claims the British government seeks to keep Hungarian families together in the UK, and thanks for Hungarians’ contribution to the development of the country.

Lord Martin Callanan, head of European Union relations office expressed efforts to keep Hungarian workers in the UK. At a press conference at the Hungarian Embassy in London, he said that “the British government wishes that every Hungarian living in the UK keeps living their life in the same way”.

He confirmed that the resolution reinforces the right of Hungarian citizens to stay in the country, as well as to enjoy social benefits such as healthcare and retiring allowance. The continuity of these guarantees in the post-EU years is as important for the UK government as it is to keep families together.

Therefore, it will be possible for close relatives to join those already settled family members in the UK even after Brexit.

According to Lord Callanan, it is inevitable to affirm these rights in British legislature and the withdrawal agreement between the EU and the UK. Brexit negotiations also include a guarantee for EU citizens to fully enjoy the benefits and protection of the British judicatory system.

Following the press conference, he said that these rights would be clearly present in the withdrawal agreement, at the end of current negotiations concerning the content and form of the deal between the two parties. Both the European Commission and the UK expressed hopes that the agreement will be ready in October.

Translated by Eszter Szedlacsek

Source: https://www.portfolio.hu/

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