Pink Floyd has not performed live for years, however, there is a production which can give back not only the music but the whole Pink Floyd feeling as well – the sound, visuals and technique, wrote.

Brit Floyd, the world’s largest Pink Floyd show offers that, even in the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sports Arena. The nearly 300-square-meter back wall of the stage serves as a projector; the iconic Pink Floyd graphics, pictures and animations will also be involved during the show. The crew carries all equipment by itself from city to city: the lasers, the huge projectors and the special lights too. Of the 30-strong traveling staff, in addition to the 6 musicians and the 3 vocalists, everyone is technical personnel. 16 technicians will help them build the equipment in Budapest on the day of the concert. Before the party, they hold an extremely precise test: everything has to be good for the evening performance.

The concert starts exactly at 20 am, due to the theatrical design, everyone should arrive at the scene in time, calculating with the time necessary to enter the building and to find the seats as well. The show is 3 hours long; it consists of two parts with a 20-minute-long break. 27 songs of Pink Floyd’s five-decade oeuvre            will be played on the current tour, from the first singles to the newest album, from the greatest hits through the secret favorites of the fans to the revolutionary songs.

It is worth visiting the world’s biggest Pink Floyd show on November 8 from Brit Floyd, which is the best tribute band based on the opinion of fans and the original group. Tickets are only available in limited edition on the website and in the national network of Ticketpro.

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