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On the Day of Hungarian Culture, Iain Lindsay – British Ambassador to Hungary – expressed his kindness with an exclusive video, in which the British diplomat read aloud his favourite Hungarian youth novel The Paul Street Boys.

The video was posted by the British Embassy in Budapest – reported by the Hungarian news portal

Magyar kultúra napja

Ma van a Magyar Kultúra Napja! ❤ 🇭🇺😊Lindsay nagykövet idén kedvenc magyar regényével ünnepel. Kitaláljátok melyik híres magyar műről van szó? ❤ 🇭🇺👓📖📚Today is the Day of the Hungarian Culture. ❤ 🇭🇺😊 On this special occasion, Ambassador Lindsay reads aloud from his favourite Hungarian novel. Do you recognise the very famous story? ❤ 🇭🇺👓📖📚#mivagyunkagrund #apalutcaifiuk #magyarkultúranapja #UKandHungary #nemecsek #eljenagrund

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎UK in Hungary‎‏ في الأربعاء، ٢٢ يناير ٢٠٢٠

This is not the first time that Lindsay expresses his friendliness towards Hungarians with a nice gesture. Last year, he presented some favourite motives of the Hungarian culture by a word puzzle game. In April 2018 – on the Day of Hungarian Poetry – he expressed his respect with a poem written by Attila József at the poet’s memorial place in Budapest.

Hungarian poetry stands so close to his heart that besides Attila József, such great Hungarian poets were recited by the British diplomat as Sándor Petőfi and Ágnes Nemes Nagy.

The Day of Hungarian Culture

The Day of Hungarian Culture is celebrated since 22nd January 1989, in commemoration of the day when Ferenc Kölcsey finished the Hungarian National Anthem in 1823.

As the Hungarian news portal Origo reports, this special day of the Hungarian culture is celebrated nationwide – several theatre performances, gala awards, concerts, exhibitions, book presentations, literary and musical evenings expect visitors throughout the whole country.



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