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A British national of Iraqi origin has been charged with human smuggling after attempting to smuggle thirty people from the Serbian-Hungarian border to western Europe in 2015, the deputy spokeswoman for the Csongrád county chief prosecutor’s office said on Friday.

According to the indictment, the man crammed the thirty migrants into the non-ventilated storage space of a truck which he had purchased in Budapest. He is believed to have picked up the group of migrants that had already been escorted over the “green border” between Serbia and Hungary on Aug. 22, 2015.

The 30-minute ride in the truck’s dark, warm and muggy storage space subjected the migrants to both physical and psychological suffering, the indictment said.

The overloaded truck caught the attention of police officers who attempted to ask the suspect for identification, but he drove away after being stopped. In his attempted escape, the driver swerved into the oncoming lane on multiple occasions and nearly overturned.

The suspect jumped out of the car and escaped near Bordány in southern Hungary.

He was apprehended by Dutch authorities in July last year.

As we wrote before, Hungarian police arrested a British citizen for allegedly selling drugs at a Budapest nightclub, the Budapest police department said on its website. Check out this VIDEO!

Also we wrote in 2016, Hungarian police officers apprehended British nationals who were terrorism supporters with prison records, the national police headquarters ORFK said on Wednesday. Read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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