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Hungarian police officers apprehended British nationals who were terrorism supporters with prison records, the national police headquarters ORFK said on Wednesday.

The arrest was made last Saturday on an international train passing through Lokoshaza in eastern Hungary, the ORFK said on its website.

The two British men had spent 18 months in prison on one occasion and three and a half years on another for financing terrorist acts.

They were released in 2009 on condition that they could only leave Britain in the ten years following their release with special permission from the authorities.

The men were on the train bound for Bucharest and could not show valid documents proving their citizenship or a legal stay in Hungary. One of them had a British driver’s permit, but the other only handed over a Quran to the police officers, the statement by ORFK said.

Both men — the 44-year-old Simon Jonathan K and the 40-year-old Trevor B — are held in custody pending deportation. The British consular services were not able to identify Trevor B as a British citizen, but the suspect later provided his name and citizenship to the authorities during procedures ran by the immigration police.

On Tuesday both suspects came up in the Schengen warrant system as wanted for leaving the UK without authorisation, the statement added.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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