Perhaps it’s no exaggeration that the toughest running race of all time was held in the Himalayas, and Ferenc Szonyi finished third. It’s even hard to imagine a tougher competition than La Ultra – The High, said.

In La Ultra, it’s not even the most exacting that the competitors run to almost 6000m high, where the air’s oxygen content is barely 40%, but that the temperatures fluctuate between -10 and 40 °C during the 2000m of altitude.

It was no different at the 2015 race where Ferenc Szonyi finished third.

The Hungarian Ultra Triathlete won twenty-times Iron Man World Championship, and only people can tell about themselves, besides him, that they completed the 4500km-long race span of the Ultra Triathlon World Championship. also made an interview with the 50 year-old athlete from Komaron after the world championship.

The Hungarian Iron Man underwent amazing adventures this year’s La Ultra too. As the team’s Facebook post writes, the competitors experienced gale, sand storm and blizzard, not to mention the 40°C-heat wave.

In the invitational race, six people lined up, Szonyi was in the lead until the last stage, eventually finishing third behind the Scottish Sean Mealey and the English Stuart Gillett. Only three of them finished the race, Szonyi finished more than two hours slower than the winning time (64 hours, 3 minutes, 35 seconds). Check out the Facebook pages of the race and the Hungarian competitor for more photos!

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Photos: Elso Magyar Himalaja futo Expedicio Facebook page


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