Budapest, September 23 (MTI) – Hungary is among 20 member states against which Brussels has launched infringement procedures related to the migrant crisis, the European Commission said on Wednesday.

The commission has taken steps against these states for failing to inform the body on how they incorporated the EU directive on refugee procedures into their national legislation, as well as regulations on the minimum level of services and conditions at refugee reception centres.

Brussels already sent an “administrative letter” — a step which precedes infringement procedures — to Hungary and four other states at the end of August, criticising them for failing to use the EURODAC system, a database for comparing the fingerprints of asylum seekers.

Source: Brussels takes steps against Hungary over asylum procedures

  1. And we have all the migrants refusing point blank to register in Hungary and have their fingerprints taken. These IDIOTS in Brussels want to get into the real world instead of this political theory nonsense. What are the states supposed to do arrest them en masse, shoot them? What they should do is sanction Germany for giving them the green light for invading Europe in the first place. It makes me sick.

  2. And another thing. Why do the media report that any demonstration against immigrants and immigration is alway a Neo-Nazi plot.

    I am no Nazi but I really do want these people out of Europe they do not deserve to be here.

  3. How does the EU expect Hungarian authorities to use a fingerprint database when the migrants refuse to even enter a refugee camp, let alone be registered? How then are they supposed to fingerprint them? What planet are these idiots living on?

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