Budapest (MTI) – Police told migrants to vacate the square in front of Budapest’s Keleti railway station and move to the underpass or into the designated transit zone, public news channel M1 said on Wednesday evening.

Reporting from the site, M1’s correspondent said migrants have obliged and were no longer chanting slogans, as they were before.

The authorities blocked entry to the railway station for migrants on Wednesday morning. All entry points to the station were manned by police. Train services were running, however, and ordinary passengers were being allowed onto platforms, an MTI correspondent said earlier.

The sunken plaza in front of the station and areas surrounding the station were full of migrants during the day. Around 50-100 were demonstrating and shouting “Syria”, “Germany” and “UN”, the correspondent said.

Migrants also demonstrated along the train tracks at Budapest’s Kobanya-Kispest station, prompting police intervention. The group objected to being put on a train to the city of Debrecen’s reception centre. An MTI correspondent at the site said up to 100 migrants occupied platforms with police among them.

Asylum-seekers who have submitted an application at this stage of the asylum process may move freely in Hungary, according to a statement by the police headquarters (ORFK). But they must report at a reception centre within 24 hours for their request to be examined, it added.

Photo: MTI


  1. Pls send back the migrants to middle east countries like Saudi Arabia , Quatar , Kuwait , Oman etc etc They can live in Harmony and peace with there own Muslim Culture. Why they wanna come to Kaffirs (non-muslim) countries.

  2. I love Hungary and am sad that this is happening,the migrants need to find solace in a Muslim country they still have peace, for example Tunisia or Egypt.. people are very angry that the European countries are bing used as they are.

    We didn’t ask for this. Th governments asked for it by creating it,by their wars.

    Stay strong Hungary.

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