Budapest knife attack

The police published a video about the sad events yesterday, but the assault happened on Thursday on bus number 151 in the 21st district of Budapest (Csepel). The man got angry when he saw that the woman wore a freeSZFE face mask. This symbol shows in Hungary that one stands up for the University of Theatre and Film Arts’ (SZFE) students. They have been protesting against the government-appointed board of trustees managing the institution for months. The students of the institution say that the board is limiting the university’s autonomous status.

According to, Bence Ó. attacked the woman this Thursday on Szent Imre Square, Budapest. He injured the woman on her face while he was trying to cut down a freeSZFE face mask. Afterwards, he fled, but the police caught him shortly.

According to,

Bence Ó. admitted his deeds during his interrogation,

saying that he attacked the woman because of the face mask. The public prosecutor of Budapest issued a statement in which they proposed the pre-trial detention of the man. It came to light that Bence Ó. already has a criminal record and was fined and sentenced to community service in November 2020.

You can watch the video recorded by the camera of bus 151 below:

According to, the perpetrator attacked Sándor Torzsa, leader of the Socialists’ youth group, in 2019. He then behaved aggressively towards the signature-collecting activists of the party in Móricz Zsigmond Square, Budapest.

Torzsa said that Bence Ó. started to spray their female colleague with a red-coloured liquid. Afterwards, he threw the bottle on her while

he was cursing her.

Mr Torzsa wanted to defend the woman, but Bence Ó. attacked him.

On another occasion, he attacked a journalist who was reporting about the parliamentary elections, near the Corvin District metro station, Budapest. Bence Ó. was tearing down posters, which the journalist started to take photos of. However, the man realised that and tried to take the journalist’s phone. When this did not work,

he bit the left thumb of the journalist.

He let him go only after he promised that he would delete the photos.

Bence Ó. then took off by the same tram and started spitting on and cursing the journalist. Afterwards, he threatened that he would follow him to his house and will kill him. The victim then stopped the tram, but

by the time the police arrived, the perpetrator had already fled.

The journalist suffered injuries healing in more than eight days, but nothing happened since he did not report the case to the police. 


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