The criminals kidnapped a Hungarian man in Budapest and wanted 54,600 EUR of ransom.

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Read alsoHungarian woman kidnapped and tortured by Asian managers reported that the man was kidnapped by six other on July 6, the police have already arrested four of them. The indication behind the kidnapping is allegedly a disappeared car. The investigators visited the kidnapped man on July 7 to ask him about the missing Ford Mustang. When they arrived, the man was helped down the stairs by his friends who told the investigators that he had suffered an accident while riding a motorcycle.

The investigators suspected that not an accident but physical harassment had happened.

The hospital examinations proved the investigators’ suspicion as the man was kidnapped last Monday by three other men who drove him to Cinkota Road, Budapest. They even broke his leg so that the captured could not escape.

The man was brutally hurt, and the criminals broke several bones of his.

Unable to pay the ransom, no matter how many help he wanted to get from acquaintances, the criminals decided to put the man out on the streets. His friends found him and the police arrived when he was helped down the stairs on their way to the hospital. Four men have been arrested, and the Ford Mustang was found.

This kind of severe and brutal kidnapping was only reported once in Hungary before this incident, in 1990.

Hungarian was kidnapped by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea – VIDEO

Serbian media reported that pirates in the Gulf of Guinea kidnapped seven people and one of them is the Hungarian Alekszandar Török born in Nagybecskerek, Serbia.


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