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Due to “administrative obstacles”, the airport hotel and conference center investment has been delaying for years, but the barriers seem to be disappeared – Napi Gazdasag said.

Mihaly Hardy, Director of Communications of Budapest Airport said on the Saturday’s edition of the newspaper: at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, a nearly EUR 20-million-hotel project has been on the agenda for many years. They want to build hotel consisting a total of 5500 sqm, 150 rooms, a conference center and an elegant restaurant, directly connected with Terminal 2.

However, the project hasn’t been moving for years, because of bureaucratic reasons, the airport mangers said.

The newspaper said, citing industry sources: the problem is the adjacent lands are owned by the state, and they couldn’t develop the appropriate solution.

The newspaper said it can represent a step forward that the government regards the airport as the key of economic progress. They recalled that, at a recent conference, Viktor Orban said the state and the owners of the airport should make a plan, otherwise the airport reaches the limits of development. According to the Prime Minister, they must consult with the owners, because there are areas owned by the state. “Without them, there cannot be development” – Viktor Orban said.

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