If you’re looking for a creative holiday but cannot decide which city to visit, then the UNESCO Creative Cities selection might be just for you. This year, has selected Budapest among the ten UNESCO cities for a summer adventure.

UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network focuses on seven creative fields, like Crafts & Folk Art, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Music and Media Arts, launched in 2004, counting today 116 representative countries.

 “Design is a creative and aesthetic solution, an agent of change and innovation, and a means of identifying new challenges and opportunities. It encompasses a wide range of creative fields that develop new products and services including those that improve social organisation and transformation. UNESCO Creative Cities can not only support people who are innovative, but can also incorporate design into their own thinking and thus into urban development as a powerful catalyst for better cities that are also more sustainable.” – Jyoti Hosagrahar, Director of the Division for Creativity at UNESCO.

The following list includes those UNESCO cities that are important in the field of design. There are altogether 19 cities, and what is common among them is that creative design plays an important role when it comes to city projects, industries, or culture. Helsinki, Shanghai and Singapore are the leading giants, but there are other cities that deserve attention too because of the dedicated artists and professionals working and living there.

Here’s what the British Daily Express thinks that you should definitely check out if you’re in Budapest

10 UNESCO Creative Cities to Explore This Summer

Kobe, Japan

Bilbao, Spain


Bandung, West Java Province, Indonesia

Graz, Austria

Torino, Italy

Dundee, Scotland

Nagoya, Japan

Budapest, Hungary

Puebla, Mexico

Take a look at these photos of Budapest to get to know the city better had some nice things to say about Budapest (member since 2015), pointing out that there is a close working relationship between the city leaders and the inhabitants with the goal of making it worth to live in Budapest and improving living conditions. In this effort is very helpful the Smart City Lab, as it helps strengthen the understanding and co-operation between the innovators and citizens or public institutions. The goal is the same: improving urban living. The authors of the article also point out one of the most exciting events in Budapest, the Design Week Budapest. The 10-day festival, offering over 100 programs, explores and emphasises the importance of design in economics.

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