According to, Hungary did not even submit a logo.

Iván Rózsa, Head of Communications at Budapest2024 Nonprofit Zrt. said there is no final logo yet, since no result has been achieved on the joint design contest of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) and Design Terminal. 180 works had contested, 6 have been chosen, and the final decision is expected within a few weeks. asked how they feel about every other city already finishing their logo until February 17, which was the date of the first round of the submission of applications. Rózsa responded that they are not embarrassed, since there was no deadline for submitting a logo.

He added, they do not think this could work as a disadvantage – however, for example, Paris very much exploits its logo – and Budapest intentionally campaigns in a different way. The communication expert does not think that they would have to do the same thing that the others do.

According to, Budapest is campaigning very unusually, as if the city had no real intention to actually win the organizing duty. It seems only the submitting of the application is important, which costs HUF 20-30 billion.

The online campaigns of the applying cities show the seriousness of their intentions. All of them have a Twitter account, except Budapest. In addition, the Hungarian capital’s Olympic Facebook page has not been updated since October 2015, while the official website is not available.

In fact, there is another website called, but you can read it only in Hungarian.

Anyway, Iván Rózsa was previously the Communications Director of Telekom during the Origo scandal.

Photo: Budapest 2024 hivatalos oldal Facebook page

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  1. Big Flippin deal!!
    My Hungarian Dad, never arrived at a Party early. It used to drive me nuts. This is typical, show up late and see what’s there. Get all the attention, LOL! Super smart move Hungary! The rest are wannaby movie stars, LOL!!!!!

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