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Budapest Bamako Rally – the story of Raphael

Budapest Bamako Rally – the story of Raphael

Raphael is an avid biker striving for adventure with a cause! Not any type of biker but the one who loves riding old mystic machines through adventure, damp, dry sandy or muddy places. His life has brought him to many countries where dirt roads exist such as South Africa, USA, the Philippines and now Hungary. writes that he heard about the Budapest Bamako project and immediately knew that he should join with his soon to be 35 years old motorcycle YAMAHA XT 500, aka “Marguerite”. You can join this fun race, anyone, by anything, by any means. The aim of the race is not just to “have fun” riding 7000 km long or to suffer through the Alps and in the Sahara desert. They bring help to Mali populations in form of donations (clothing, mosquito nets, and medications) that benefits the local communities. A charity truck will help with transport of donations.

Budapest-Bamako is a charity rally, competition and crazy driving adventure from Budapest to Bamako. Budapest-Bamako is for those who’ve dreamed about the Dakar, Africa, the Sahara and hitting the open dirt under extreme circumstances. B2 is a minimal assistance event, which means that if you’re in trouble you can only count on yourself and your mates. You can enter in competition and adventure category. B2 is not a Sunday drive or picnic in the park. It’s not an organized package holiday. It’s a grueling two week drive on hostile terrain.


To be able to make this project reality, Raphael would need to reach a budget of 5000 Euros. This fund will help to bring supplies to communities, obtain necessary visas for the race, prepare the motorbike for the long and rough journey ahead, help with the gas, and help to fix the bike, change broken parts and come back. Everyone can contribute even for a symbolic gesture!

What he offers in return for your help is that you can have your logo exposed through this project: you can gain visibility with stickers that will be very visible on the tank of the bike or on the top case.

He asks those that cannot help him financially to spread his message, tell all your friends about it thus supporting a good cause.

Read more about Raphael’s campaign HERE.

Read more about Budapest-Bamako here:

Written by Alexandra Béni


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