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According to hvg.hu, Budapest Happiness Week will be held again on September 13-19.

The world-famous Hungarian-born happiness researcher Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi thinks happiness not just simply happens to us. Each person should be prepared for it and has to cultivate it in a way that one has to set up challenges which are neither too big nor too small for one’s own abilities.

The week offers more than 50 events in 15 different places of Budapest, all programs will be free. A part of the programs are in English and free.

On September 13, Sunday, there will be lectures on stress reduction, yoga, entrepreneurship.

On Monday, you can participate in programs about mindfulness, yoga, sex etc.

Tuesday will be mainly about coaching and opportunities.

If you want to participate in Swedish massage or want to hear interesting things about sexuality, you should visit the Wednesday events.

On Thursday, there will be lectures on sex and positive parenting.

Friday is the most ideal day, if you would like to do yoga free.

Finally, on Saturday, there will be cross fit Danube, yoga and Pranajama as well.

Check out the full program here.

based on the article of hvg.hu
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Source: http://hvg.hu

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