According to news portal, Marty McFly would be a little bit disappointed, but an upgrade will do good to the trains from the 70s.

Even though we got the latest local trains 32 years ago, there won’t be new ones for a while. Last Friday István Tarlós said at a press-conference that the old ones would be renovated. The renovation of the cabins of 91 trains would cost 15 billion forints, the exchange of propulsion would cost another 15 billion forints and they would spend 30 billion forints on the renovation of the local train lines.

The renovation process would be carried out in the own workshops of BKK. They demonstrated their plans on a train; the vibrant colours make it appear younger but there are no surprises in the cabins. Marty Mcfly would be a little bit disappointed; still it’s better than it was.

Translated by Alexandra Béni

Photo: MTI


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