The Hungarian capital takes centre-stage in the new sci-fi thriller Spectral, which is coming to Netflix on December 9, reports.

Budapest is often chosen as the shooting location for various international productions, standing in for other, more expensive cities. In Tom Hank’ mystery thriller Inferno, parts of the Hungarian capital appear as locations in Venice and Florence, while in the British crime drama series Maigret, Paris in the 1950s comes to life on the streets of Budapest.

A Hungarian expression is mentioned in Arrival, the sci-fi movie of the year

However, the city rarely plays itself. The synopsis of Spectral names the location simply as “a European city”, but many well known sights of Budapest are easily recognisable even despite the destruction the city suffers in the film. Gellért Hill, St. Stephen’s Basilica, and Elisabeth Bridge all appear in the trailer in varying degrees of ruin.

In the new Netflix original, ghost-like supernatural creatures besiege the city, and a special-ops teams are sent out to fight them. The international press described the film as a cross between Ghostbusters and Black Hawk Down. The film will be available on Netflix from December 9.

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