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With an attempt to visualize design as a set of innovative tools and approach, Budapest Design Week is striving to present the diversity of genres and the great variety of design. Here is our selection from this year’s exhibitors!

About Budapest Design Week

As the official site of Budapest Design Week says, launched in 2004, Budapest Design Week was initiated by the Hungarian Design Council with the objective of contributing to raising social awareness of the economic and social role of design, enhancing trust in design and facilitating communication between the actors of this field. This series of events is supposed to call the attention of economic policy-makers and Hungarian businesses to the potentials of design: design integrated in business processes and corporate culture creates new quality and by adding value to the products and services, it raises competitiveness and provides a competitive edge over peer companies. Budapest Design Week is already a 10-day festival of programs, which marks a strong position in the long line of European festivals. The festival offers more than 150 programs in 2018 and four partnering cities: Debrecen, Győr, Sopron and Pécs.

Apart from social usefulness, the festival attempts to place an emphasis on the economic role of design: it aims to draw the attention of economic policy-makers and Hungarian entrepreneurs to the potentials of design, the importance of a design-conscious way of thinking, which supports the competitiveness of Hungarian businesses and provides them with a competitive eadge over rivals by delivering more added value.

Tipton Eyeworks

1056 Budapest, Irányi utca 20.

Initially, Zachary Tipton started making eyeglasses in Washington, United States. Handcrafted since 1998, his collections – made from special raw materials and the best lenses (Hoya and Zeiss), using special technology – have conquered the world. In three words, Tipton’s products are unique, handmade and completely Hungarian. The creator of Vinylize and Cinematique collections not only allows visitors a peek in their workshop in downtown Budapest on 9 October, but he also offers a special workshop on 11 October to interested visitors. Take a tour and discover Tiptop Eyeworks’ unique space that houses design offices, an assembly workshop and a showroom.


1053 Budapest, Királyi Pál utca 11.
1122 Budapest, Városmajor utca 28/A

MadeByYou’s workshop opens its doors to the public between 5 and 19 October, encouraging design lovers to turn into designers themselves for a day. As part of Design Week Budapest, five thematic sessions are held that welcome everyone who is eager to work with glass, ceramics and clay to create jewellery and pottery with the help of experts.

made by you budapest

Paint a Frida Kahlo-inspired pottery with the vivid colours of Mexico and learn about how the Latinos celebrate Día de los Muertos, aka All Saints’ Day on 15 October, or design a glass ring and use the glass cutter to take it home with you on 5, 17 or 19 October. Don’t forget to register at [email protected] before visiting MadeByYou’s centrally located venue on11 Király Pál utca. For more information, check out www.madebyyou.hu.


1115 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 133-135. (available at pre-agreed appointments only)

LumoConcept has been designing and building custom lights since 2002. The manufacture develops its constructions in an intense collaboration with well-known architects and interior designers, providing them with thorough background information on all kinds of luminaires. Popular gastronomic venues of Budapest like Dear Budapest, Töltő, Mazel Tov and Padron are decorated with LumoConcept’s lamps. The company also provides business centres, shopping malls, public places and private homes with custom-made installations. It’s a great chance to get an exclusive sneak peek inside the life of LumoConcept by visiting their open studio at Budapest Design Week, as they do not own a showroom or a retail store.

lumo concept
Photo: Dániel Jancsó

My Day Collection

1026 Budapest, Rózsakert Shopping Center, Gábor Áron út 74-78/a

my day collectionMy Day Collection opened its doors back in 1998, since then it has been a flagship store of unique Italian fashion brands, known for its outstanding selection of clothes, women’s accessories, shoes, bags and jewelry. At My Day Collection, they believe that the perfect harmony of colours, fabrics and cut lines speak volumes about each piece of garment – this belief is reflected wonderfully in the items they sell. Besides brands like Sandro Ferrone, Imperial, Please, Vicolo, Kontatto and Ovyé, the shop also features the fashion lines of a number of contemporary Hungarian designers, including Konsanszky, Cukovy, Vanda Ferencz, NYD Design and Ilyés Juli.


1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 20.

One of the most prominent figures of 20th century architecture, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s quote „Less is more” is the main source of inspiration for Hungarian brand NON+ that’s taken the national fashion scene by storm 9 years ago. Characterised by steamlined minimalism, a muted palette and the idea of “comfortable functionalism above all”, NON+ begs to differ: the brand’s designer, Sarolta Kiss does not follow fast-changing trends but aims to be a reliable constant for those opting for comfort and refined style.

non+Created with simple lines, the sporty, still cool and comfortably stylish garments represent consistent permanence. The most intimate exchanges in the art world happen during open studio visits; experience fashion in its native context from 9-16 Otober at Sarolta Kiss’ showroom in Andrássy út. Registration is required: [email protected]

Hello Wood at the Zichy palace

1088 Budapest, Lőrinc pap tér 2.

A dream has come true for Hello Wood, the team responsible for Sziget Festival’s Colosseum, Aquincum Museum’s Hadrianus installation, or Müpa Budapest’s Christmas tree, made entirely of sledges. Finally, the creative architecture and design studio will move into their new home at Óbuda’s Zichy palace, and they want you to celebrate with them! To this end, they’ll organize three events during the October Design Week. On 12 October Hello Wood will present the winner of this year’s Építész Mustra, together with a grand party and the opening of an exhibition showcasing the woodworking collective’s summer projects. The next day, on 13 October, the Hello Wood team will open up their workshop for the public eye, premiering Technika #1’s brand new work space. As Hello Wood’s final programme organized during the Design Week, on 18 October the group will introduce their third book, entitled Children of the Wood, with a ceremonial launch party, chronicling their international architecture festival.

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