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Budapest (MTI) – The council of Budapest’s District 8 has filed a criminal complaint concerning the neglected former headquarters of the Socialist Party in II Janos Pal square (formerly Koztarsasag sq).

In a statement on Saturday, the municipality said that the derelict building was a hazard and called for an investigation into the responsibility of the owners.

The statement noted that the building was owned by the Socialists up to 2010, then it “went from one Socialist-associated firm to the other” and is now owned by “a company associated with an offshore venture”.

“The building has long been occupied by rough sleepers, drug addicts and prostitutes” and is in a deplorable state, the document said. People in the neighbourhood have complained about the littered environment and the noise, the statement added.

In response, the Socialists said in a statement that the building had been sold in a lawful way 6 years ago, therefore the party has no responsibility for its current state.

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