A luxury centre and a new park will be built in Szervita square, downtown Budapest, PestBuda.hu reports. The new and improved square will host offices, residential units, shops and a new park. Let us look at the mock-ups.

Szervita square

Szervita square is located somewhere between Astoria and Deák Ferenc square in the heart of Budapest. The square is famous for its really old church called the Church of St. Anne. There used to be an old telephone centre and a parking lot next to the church. Both of these have been recently demolished to provide space for the new projects.

Szervita tér Budapest
Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org by Thaler Tamas

The Szervita project’s developer is the Horizon Development Inc. The construction is expected to be finished by 2020.

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The concept

The new building to be built is called Szervita Square Building which will be a mixed-use, LEED Platinum certified sustainable commercial building, offering retail and office premises, as well as luxury residential units. It will be a uniquely shaped, modern 7-storey building.

Szervita tér Budapest
Design of the new building

Photo: www.horizondevelopment.hu

According to the website of Horizon Development:

“With its abundant natural light, functional and inviting interiors, flexible layouts, natural proportions, cosmopolitan ambience, and excellent accessibility and visibility, it is an ideal office and retail destination in the CBD with maximum brand exposure, and the perfect setting for exclusive top-floor residences. Underground levels -2, -3, -4 and -5 will accommodate private and public parking.”

PestBuda.hu argues that, based on the mock-up photos, the building does not look unique at all. In fact, it looks very similar to any other luxury project happening in the capital.

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The building will be connected to its surroundings through a large community space and public park which aim to revitalise the entire area of Szervita square. We hope that it will be a real park, and not only a weird mixture of cement and grass, which is so typical to the Hungarian capital.

Featured image: horizondevelopment.hu

Source: www.pestbuda.hu; www.horizondevelopment.hu

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