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Budapest is full of hidden – and not so hidden – places that are worth checking out by everybody. Sadly, though, these gems are often only visited by tourists and remain forever undiscovered by locals. So, encourages everybody to stop for a moment and discover what a wonderful place the Hungarian capital is, offering numerous new experiences and places to get to know better.

Absolute must sights of the capital

It is no wonder that Budapest is such a popular destination for tourists. A number of World Heritage sites can be found in the city, making it even more attractive to people from all over the world. 

These include the picturesque view of the Danube Bank, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square, the Buda Castle District or even the Millennium Underground Railway Line.

Moreover, the bridges connecting the two parts of the city or the thermal baths can be just as exciting for tourists. It is important to remember that Budapest is basically the ‘thermal bath capital’ of the world.

The National Gallery inside Buda Castle

When you decide to visit, definitely check out the biggest synagogue in Europe, along with the largest thermal water cave system in the world. The Parliament of the country is also notable as it is the third largest parliament building in the world. Nevertheless, apart from the wonders of urban life, Budapest is also worth visiting for nature lovers. Several caves, streams and extended parks are under nature conservation plans.

hill, Budapest, scenery
View from Gellért Hill

A special feature of the city is that Gellért Hill is located in the absolute heart of the capital, providing a true nature retreat for those living in the city for all their life.

Not to mention the unique natural gems like the stalactite caves of Pál Valley or Szemlő Hill.

A 3-day guide to discover most of Budapest

For those feeling a little bit lost as to where to start the exploration, the following guide may be helpful.

Day 1

It may be a good idea to dedicate the first day to the waters.

The Kőbánya Beer Brewery, besides cool alcoholic beverages, also provides the opportunity to go scuba diving and explore the cellars under the brewery.

kobánya, beer, diving
Kőbánya Beer Brewery, underwater cellar system

The next stop should be the Tropicarium of Nagytétény, where you can pet rays, feed monkeys or even experience the humidity of rain forests. After a quick lunch at Ramada Hotel, an excellent program for the afternoon is visiting Aquaworld where you can even take surf lessons. Or, for a more relaxing time, you can check out Széchenyi Thermal Bath and finish off the day with a calming massage.

thermal bath, budapest
Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Day 2

For the second day, we recommend sightseeing, and a great way to explore the city is to use the unique service of Budapest TukTuk.

The next stop should be the Buda Castle district, which you can reach by using the funicular railway that was built back in the second half of the 1800s.

It is also worth taking advantage of all the means of transport available in Budapest, so going on a short sightseeing cruise on the Danube is an absolute must. Seeing both the Pest and the Buda sides while gliding along the sparkling water is an unmissable experience.

For those wanting a taste of the nightlife, checking out one of the many ruin bars of the capital could be a great idea. Or, the more bohemian Gozsdu Courtyard with its many lights and colours can also be a great place to cap off the day, along with any of these ruin bar alternatives recommended by our previous article.

Day 3

The third day could be all about art and culture since the city has many options for art enthusiasts as well. The Hall of Arts (Müpa Budapest) is home to one of the largest concert organs in the world.

Müpa, lit up in green on March 17. Photo: MTI

Or, if you happen to be around Heroes’ Square, definitely check out the Art Gallery (Műcsarnok).

Nevertheless, if you prefer smaller, more private exhibitions, visit the KOGART House or the Ferenc Hopp East Asian Art Museum, if for no other reason than for the buildings themselves.

Another great option is Designer Terminal located in Elizabeth Square. As the centre of the creative industry, the fashion business and urbanism, many young artists gather here to grab lunch, enjoy a pint or visit the area of the Basilica which is always buzzing with life and where there is a neverending line of small bars.

basilica, budapest
Budapest Basilica

It does not really matter where you choose to go, what you choose to visit. Whether you set out to check out everything on this list or just a few, you will definitely not be disappointed by what you see. Having a good time in Budapest is guaranteed, and not even the occasional rain can ruin that – there are great activities for those rainy days, too.

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