However the capital city of Hungary is a relatively cheap destination for tourists, there are many cities that are even more affordable. The exotic coast of Bali, Prague, and Costa del Sol are among the world’s cheapest vacation sites, reports

The list was created by the British Post Office on the basis of seven articles frequently purchased by travellers: a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, one can of Coca Cola or Pepsi, a glass of wine, a bottle of mineral water (1.5 L), sunscreen, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes and a three-course dinner for two in a restaurant, with one bottle wine of the house.

In Budapest, you have to pay 40.87 pounds (approximately 17.200 HUF) while in Prague this sum is only 35,27 pounds (14.800 HUF), which makes the Czech capital the least expensive in comparison with the other cities according to Post Office.

And which city is to be avoided when you are planning a low-budget vacation? It is the Chinatown of Singapour, where you have to pay 149,65 pounds (63.000 HUF) for the tourists’ package. The luxurious beach of Jumeira in Dubai is also one of the most expensive cities, and according to, you should also have to spend generously if you visit Auckland (New Zealand) or Masquat (Oman).

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