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Budapest is among the smartest Central and Eastern European cities – MAP

Budapest is among the smartest Central and Eastern European cities – MAP writes about a research conducted by, focusing on the level on which European Union members make use of smart applications, illustrating the findings on maps. The Hungarian capital city is somewhere on the middle ground.

The European Investment Bank’s smart region ranking focuses on smart city investment in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The factors taken into consideration are smart living, smart society, smart governing, smart mobility and smart surroundings.

smart regions

Smart Region Ranking CESEE

In the Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European region, Estonia and Slovenia are evidently the ‘smartest’ regions, followed closely by the Czech Republic, Latvia and Lithuania.

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If we take a look at Hungary’s average scores, the Central European country places somewhere along the middle of the ranking,

ahead of Poland and Slovakia. Still, if the whole of the EU is considered, Hungary is lagging far behind in ‘smartness’.

smart region

Smart Region EU Ranking

On an EU scale, even Slovenia and Estonia are far behind the western countries, performing below average. This ranking is led by the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Southern Germany.

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The following charts show the results in different categories:

smart region

Smart Economy EU Ranking

smart region

Smart Environment EU Ranking

smart region

Smart Governance EU Ranking

smart region

Smart Living EU Ranking

smart region

Smart Mobility EU Ranking

smart region

Smart Society EU Ranking

maps: Miroslav Kollar, Rocco Bubbico, Nicolas Arsalides/EIB




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