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Budapest is also on the list of the cities you must visit before you die. From this region there are 3 cities on this list of 50, reports.

Budapest is on a list of the most read foreign news site, the Huffington Post. According to the portal this list contains the cities what definitely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

About Budapest: The countless empires that have ruled Budapest over the years all left a trace on this city often considered to be the most beautiful in Europe. Add a rowdy nightlife scene and plenty of hot springs, and you’ve got a recipe for travel bliss, said.

The full list

1.) Venice, Italy
2.) Seville, Spain
3.) New York City, USA
4.) Lhasa, China
5.) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
6.) London, England
7.) Marrakech, Morocco
8.) Petra, Jordan
9.) Rome, Italy
10.) Varanasi, India
11.) Florence, Italy
12.) Havana, Cuba
13.) Kyoto, Japan
14.) Jerusalem, Israe
l15.) Paris, France
16.) Beijing, China
17.) Lalibela, Ethiopia
18.) Granada, Spain
19.) Athens, Greece
20.) Bagan, Myanmar
21.) Kathmandu, Nepal
22.) Vatican City
23.) Lisbon, Portugal
24.) Tokyo, Japan
25.) Istanbul, Turkey
26.) Hội An, Vietnam
27.) Amsterdam, Netherlands
28.) Luxor, Egypt
29.) Berlin, Germany
30.) Jaipur, India
31.) Lyon, France
32.) Oia, Greece
33.) Siem Reap, Cambodia
34.) Vienna, Austria
35.) Cusco, Peru
36.) Cartagena, Colombia
37.) Zanzibar, Tanzania
38.) Mexico City, Mexico
39.) Singapore
40.) Las Vegas, USA
41.) Samarkand, Uzbekistan
42.) Sydney, Australia
43.) San Francisco, California
44.) Mont Saint Michel, France
45.) Dubrovnik, Croatia
46.) Bangkok, Thailand
47.) Buenos Aires, Argentina
48.) Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
49.) Prague, Czech Republic
50.) Budapest, Hungary

Out of the neighboring countries’ cities only Vienna, Dubrovnik and Prague are on the list.
This may comfort us for being in the 50th place on the list of 50 cities.

You can check the cities’ description here:

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Photo: Daily News Hungary


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