In a year or two, but at least up to 2020, we can cycle to Lake Balaton from Budapest in bicycle paths. The construction is being funded by the European Union, daily Magyar Nemzet said on Thursday.

The bicycle path between Budapest and Lake Balaton is coming as part of the New Széchenyi Plan. In a couple of years we can use the new system due to nearly 800 million forints EU funds. This development will be implemented between 2014 and 2020, and if it will finish, everybody can enjoy cycling not only around the largest lake in Hungary but also to get there from the capital city – writes the Magyar Nemzet.

They promise no one of the 6 roads will be longer than 120 kilometers. According to the plan the bicycle paths will be separated and paved, so it can also fit three bikes side by side. They are trying not to make a steep slope, maximum 6 percent. The tender includes that in each 30 kilometers need to build up grocery stores, in each 50 kilometers there should be accommodation facilities and in each 150 kilometers they build up the public transport.

Translated by Valentina Leanyfalvi, based on the article of Magyar Nemzet Online

Photo: Magyar Kerékpárosklub – Horváth László’s demonstration project


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