In the winter season, several new destinations become available directly from the Hungarian airports. An exciting competition can be expected between Ryanair and Wizz, regarding the parallel start of Odessa and Tel Aviv flights; meanwhile, Wizz monopoly over the Balkans will be challenged by LOT Airlines.

Autumn is coming soon, which can be experienced in aviation as well. News are continuously reporting about new available destinations we can reach from Budapest and Debrecen, as a result of winter timetable changes by the end of October.

Budapest is primarily determined by low-cost airlines; therefore, the travel market is dependent upon their announcements.

Additionally, winter schedule is definitely an experimental period for them – they search for new opportunities to fulfil their vacant capacities that were demanded during the summer period – travel agencies require the majority of them. One of these opportunities is “frequency increase” of popular routes, but there are some more profitable options as well. Airport operators usually give great discounts in case of those destinations which are not chosen by the competitors. Low-cost airlines gain double benefit from this: firstly, the concerned territory may have unique customer demand; furthermore, the flights can be operated at much lower costs than in general. The dark side of this option is that by the termination of discounts, low-cost companies tend to release the concerned destinations.

This year, Wizz was the first one who announced its winter timetable in which several new features can be found. The airline company – besides the already existing Luton – will launch flights to London Gatwick Airport, having direct rail connection.

Formerly, passengers could reach the Norwegian capital from Budapest via the airport of Oslo Sandefjord Torp, situated 120 kilometres away from Oslo. Today, the airport is reachable only from Poland and Riga.

This autumn, Scandinavia’s second busiest airport, Oslo Airport – 50 kilometres from the city centre – has also become a new Wizz destination from Budapest.

In December, flights will be launched between Budapest and the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh; by which in addition to Glasgow, the second largest city of Scotland will also become accessible. By these renewals, eight cities of the United Kingdom will be reachable by Wizz from the Hungarian capital.

The summer destination of the Spanish Castellón will be available in the winter schedule as well.

As Világgazdaság describes, exciting competition can be expected between the two ultra-low-cost airlines – Wizz and Ryanair – regarding the Southern Ukrainian Odesa. From autumn, both airlines will fly to the Black Sea coast.

The two rivals have been taking care of not operating flights to the same destinations; since now, they provided flights in parallel from Budapest only to such megacities like London or Rome. (For example, Wizz does not have a flight to Paris from Budapest, which might be since the French capital is accessible by EasyJet, Ryanair and Air France; moreover, latter serves explicitly the demand of young generations specialised on low-cost airlines.)

For such cities as Odessa, there has been no precedent of “flying in parallel”.  Both airlines schedule their flights to Odessa on Tuesday and Saturday; however, after its morning flight Wizz takes passengers to other airports as well from the Black Sea, and only returns to Budapest in the afternoon; while Ryanair takes classic flight – the aircraft departs at noon, and after 35 minutes of preparement it returns to Budapest, so it will land at Liszt Ferenc Airport 25 minutes before the Wizz flight.


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