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Barbara Luna Sipos Source: @baedollbarbie

The young Hungarian woman, who is currently living in Budapest, says she has loved Barbie dolls since her childhood. Her first memory is also connected to them; she was always playing with those plastic toys. Even at an early age, she felt that she would rather look like a fictional character, a living doll, than a plain person.

According to 24, Barbara was 17 when she had her first plastic surgery done. Since then, she has had ten procedures to alter her body. Among other things, she had a breast enlargement, she had her eyebrows, her forehead, as well as her jaw and cheekbones altered.

She did not stop there. She even had procedures to change the look of her buttocks and her vagina. The surgeries were paid for by Barbara’s ex-husband, who she divorced in November 2019.

The Hungarian girl became kind of famous worldwide, as several British news websites have written about her, such as the Sun, Mirror, and LadBible, but even the Australian Yahoo News wrote an article about the 22-year-old Hungarian living Barbie doll.

It is said that the sum of the procedures to alter her looks to look more like a doll cost more than 53 million forints, which is over €150,000.

The young woman, Barbara Luna Sipos, says she has never felt ugly, but she only feels complete thanks to her surgeries. Nevertheless, she says, that sometimes she feels the disadvantages of her transformation because there are people who would not take her seriously due to her appearance.

Barbara formerly worked as a receptionist, but she had to leave her job as all the men around her went crazy for her. She thinks if a woman looks too good, they are unable to show their true colours as their bosses would constantly want to have sex with them. The same had happened to her as well, but she refused to sleep with anyone, and she now tries to earn her living as a model.

Although she is already very pleased with her Barbie-like appearance, Barbara does not think that she has completed her transformation just yet. She wishes to undergo a rhinoplasty, and she would like to have her buttocks enlarged and to have some of her ribs taken out.

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  1. She’ll end up looking like the Bride of Wildenstein (google it). She looks like something out of a horror movie as it is.

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