The 25th Budapest Pride, to be held between 14 and 23 August, is finding alternative ways to celebrate the LGBTQ community during the current pandemic.

Communities were all hardly hit by the current pandemic, and LGBTQ groups are no exception. COVID-19 has posed a great challenge for the organisers of Budapest Pride as well, but alternatives are under way to raise awareness of the questions concerning the LGBTQ community.

As Johanna Majercsik, spokesperson of Budapest Pride said in an announcement on the event’s website, the current circumstances obviously do not make it possible to organize a march that usually attracts 20,000 people.

“The main principles of Pride have always been safety and freedom — and now we can only ensure the safety of participants if we find alternative ways to convey our message.”

As Majercsik says, since there will be no March this year, which usually ‘takes the spotlight’ from other events, this year there can be more focus on discussions, community building, and initiating dialogues, which carry the true power of Budapest Pride Festival.

The 25th Budapest Pride, whose slogan is Claim back your future!, will line up 37 events with the contribution of 25 NGOs and other non-formal gatherings. Most of the events will be free to attend, and cover a wide range of activities from bike tours and board game sessions to movie nights and workshops. Participants can join LGBTQ discussions concerning the aspects of health, politics, family affairs, and so on.

Most activities will take place in Budapest but the Festival will also await participants in the cities of Debrecen, Szeged, and Pécs, which is set to become the second location for Pride Hungary. During the Festival, safety measures will be in place in line with pandemic forecasts for mid-August, and ideas and contributions are still welcome to ensure the smooth running of events in these uncertain times. For English information on the Festival, visit the Budapest Pride Facebook page.

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  1. It is shameful that these moral degenerates are allowed to parade around in public and to try and have people see their disgusting lifestyle as normal. NO THANKS

  2. Live and let live. I am not a member of the community, however I wish everyone taking part in the events a happy time!
    Have fun! 🙂

  3. The so-called ‘LGBTQ community’ has NO future in Hungary.

    These sexual deviants should ‘try their luck’ in Poland.

  4. It seems as some people still live in stone age. Put your clubs down, get out of your cave and see the world and its people. The diversity of which, will hopefully open your minds.

  5. Mario, Hungary does NOT like NOR want the diversity you and your leftist friends seek to stuff down our throats. If the LGBTQ community want to have a parade, let them have it in San Francisco or Tel Aviv, the diversity you like has destroyed those communities. Personally, I don’t care what Adam and Steve do inside the walls of their own residence. I do care when they are doing it in front of innocent 9 year old children on a public street.

  6. Tolerance – the ability of society in the 21st century, there willingness to tolerate, the factorial existence of LGBTQ as part of the world to-day.
    There can’t exist alienation but respectful behaviour must be displayed by the LGBTQ members of society, when conducting open public gatherings.
    Exhibitionistic behavior, in an extravagant way, in order to gain attention or portray a message, is the wrong approach, to foster and build on society tolerance.
    If flaunting was to dominate LGBTQ, the tolerance, that globally that is seen respectfully afforded to this group of society, would quickly be evaporated.
    We must all the mindful, from whatever “station in life” we come, of the need and fact, that adult behaviour in front of children, does have a firm base and influence in the development of children’s lives.
    Stay Well – All.

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