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Budapest has many aspects that attract tourists from all over the world. Whether you just want to relax for the weekend in one of the famous baths or just the opposite; you want to get a taste of the famous Budapest nightlife, you will not be disappointed. And the best thing is that it does not have to cost a fortune, either. Budapest is actually a really wallet-friendly city.

Since it is located in Central Europe, a lot of things are much cheaper than in the West – reports theboar.org. In some places, you can get a full meal for about 5-6 Euros, and alcohol is also very cheap, so there is nothing to stop you from having a great time.

Budapest is spectacular in every season, so it does not really matter when you visit. Now that it is winter, it snows quite often, which gives a really special feel to the city – not to mention how beautiful the whole country is covered in snow. Summer is also an excellent choice; there is just nothing better than walking around in the city and enjoying the vibrant summer nights. Whatever you prefer, each season has something different to offer.


budapest-keleti railway station
Keleti Railway Station

You have several choices when it comes to how to get here. The train lines are quite good in Hungary, so, if you are on a cross-European trip, you can hop on in Vienna, for example, and arrive in Budapest a few hours later.

It is easy, convenient and reasonably priced. Make sure you plan out your route after that, though.

Although public transport is very good in Budapest, you might have some trouble getting around if you arrive too late, and it is not always easy to get a taxi in the later hours, either.

You can also find cheap flight tickets, with the help of Skyscanner or Expedia, for example. If you book well in advance, you will find a good deal for sure, but you can also check the cheapest month suggestion to help you out. Do not get discouraged if the flight prices are not that cheap, though. You are likely to find great accommodation offers where you can save some money, and there is no need to have checked-in luggage, either.


Airbnb is a fantastic option when you stay here – check out this article for some helpful information. You can get awesome deals in the more popular parts of the city, too, where you are in walking distance from the famous ruin bars or nightclubs. You can easily find places for about 10-15 Euros per person per night. Public transport tickets might be pricey unless you find a deal that works for you; however, it is an investment worth making as it makes exploring the city very easy and fast.

Exploring the city

Fisherman’s Bastion

Visiting Buda Castle is a must when you are in the city. The National Gallery and several museums are nearby if you are up for a culture-infused afternoon. If you walk a bit further, you will find Fisherman’s Bastion, and

you can easily get lost in the view from there, overlooking the Danube and the Pest side of the city, including the Parliament building.

You can choose to use public transport to get there, have fun at the funicular or enjoy a lovely hike up to the Castle.

Thermal baths

Trying out one of the famous thermal baths in Budapest is definitely an experience you do not want to miss. There are several opportunities, catering to both the needs of families with small children and adults who want to relax and chill out. Check out CNN’s recommendation to decide for which one you are in the mood.


Whether you want to visit the famous ruin bars of Budapest to really experience their unique atmosphere or want to go to a club and dance all night long, there are lots of places to choose from.

A good thing about Hungarian nightclubs is that there is usually no entry fee and, as mentioned before, alcohol is very affordable.

If you do come in the summer, make sure to come when Sziget is on. It is an extraordinary festival experience; having a great time is guaranteed. Check out this year’s headliners HERE.

If you want to time your trip around one of the many festivals that take place in Hungary throughout the year, click here.

Featured image: MTI, Zsolt Szigetváry

Source: theboar.org

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  1. I love Budapest but Poland wins when it comes to budget destinations – Kraków or Wrocław are way cheaper than Budapest. Not that nice though

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