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Budapest has been often ignored and pushed to one side when it comes to counting European travel destinations. However, it is now being recognised as one of the most exciting cities in Europe and a great holiday spot. In fact, Budapest has been a hotspot for millennials, attracting young backpackers, long-weekenders, and hipster festival-goers alike. Kafka Desk calls Budapest a mismatch of contradictions: dramatic baroque architecture and contemporary concrete, calming thermal baths and vibrant nightlife, peaceful green parks and bustling food halls… It is not difficult to see why visitors fall in love with this treasure of a city.

Here are four reasons why millennials love Budapest:

It is ridiculously cheap to eat and drink

Millennials are nefariously famous for being interested in the wrong things. We have a bad reputation for having wrong priorities; we would rather buy avocados than a house. All joking aside, our generation is extremely conscious and confused about our financial situation – simultaneously split between saving up and wanting to explore the world. The affordability of Budapest means that cash-strapped millennials can do both, making it the perfect holiday destination for this generation.

In particular, the Hungarian capital is known for having the cheapest drinks in Europe, with the price of an average beer coming in at £0.88, and a glass of wine costing £0.91.

There is a huge array of extravagant sights & fun activities

One of this year’s biggest travel trends is the “all-amusive” holiday, which is when a holiday destination offers all of a tourist’s favourite activities and sights close together, and Budapest checks all the boxes. If it is awe-inspiring sights you are after, the city contains all sorts of amazing attractions and architecture, from the glorious gothic Parliament building to the historic Heroes’ Square, as well as the ornate St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Danube Promenade.

There are countless things to do as well: walking city tours, river cruises, museum trips, escape rooms, opera viewings, and much, much more…

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The nightlife is pretty great, too

Budapest has a buzzing nightlife scene, and there is so much to do and see. There is something for everyone from romantic cosy dinner spots and intimate bars to casinos and ruin bars. All of these cater to whatever kind of vacation you are on.

The Turkish Baths give you a chance to pamper and heal

We all need a bit of R&R… and the Turkish Baths of Budapest are perfect for just that. Budapest boasts of dozens of amazing Turkish baths that are powered by the thermal springs that surround the city. Thought to have healing powers, the baths have been used by locals for centuries to relax and de-stress.

The top three Turkish Baths in Budapest to try as a tourist are Gellert, Szechenyi, and Rudas – so grab a towel and your flip-flops and head off for an afternoon of relaxation and fun.

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