György Pető, Head of the Municipal Police Board introduced the new transit station in a press conference at Budapest-Keleti Railway Terminal (Keleti pályaudvar), was informed. Three transit stations will be set up: one at Budapest-Keleti Railway Terminal, another at Budapest-Nyugati Railway Terminal (Nyugati pályaudvar), and one at Budapest-Déli Railway Terminal (Déli pályaudvar). These stations are equipped with mobile water wells and toilets for the migrants which can be accessed 24/7, and the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) even puts several buses into operation so the migrants can reach the appointed railway stations fast and easy.

Pető emphasized that setting up these stations does not automatically mean less migrants in public areas. Nevertheless, he hopes that with the help of volunteers their presence can be diminished in such busy areas as the Keleti Railway Terminal, or the nearby II. János Pál papa square.

The Keleti transit station will be in the Baross square underpass, close to the Metropolitan Municipal Police Board’s building. There are no available places at the Nyugati Railway Terminal at this point, so further arrangements will have to be done to find a suitable place. There is a rarely used corridor at the Déli Railway Terminal at the Vérmező side, where the migrants will be able to use public showers. They are estimated to be set up by Wednesday.

According to Pető, the plan is to color code the receiving stations, the volunteers and the migrants’ papers, making it easier for them to find the necessary stations and buses; also, the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) will provide two jointed buses which will run daily between 7am and 11pm, taking the migrants from one station to another. The buses will be disinfected regularly and will only be used by the migrants.

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translated by Adrienn Sain

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