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29th June 2017 Budapest– from 9:00 PM 14 July spectators can enjoy the most spectacular show in the history of Aquatic World Championships and Hungary by attending the opening ceremony of the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest. Four, 1600 tonnes of barges, 3000 meter large stage, 2000 costumes, 40 drones and 510 artist-are only few numbers at the opening ceremony in the heart of Budapest. In the organization of the event of world class standard nearly 220 volunteers and young sportsmen are also participating. The show is hosting artist like Péter Eötvös, Ágnes Herczku, or Gergely Bogányi. In the opening ceremony the superstar, Emeli Sandé also comes on stage– as it turned out at the common press conference of the Müpa and the Bp2017 NKft.

Budapest and Balatonfüred is welcoming its fans and nearly 2500 sportsmen-arriving to the 17th FINA World Championships, starting on 14th July- with grandiose performance of all arts.

Bp2017 NKft. –organizing the 17th World Championships- and Müpa-responsible for the opening and closing ceremony-stated in their common press conference, the biggest event ever in Hungary’s history would be held on four, 80×10 meter large and 160 tonnes floating barges at the Pest bridge-side of the Chain Bridge. At the background of the unique show of all arts presenting our cultural and sport heritage, Budapest’s iconic buildings are ensuring breath-taking scene for the spectators. “FINA World Championships is one of the four biggest and most prestigious sport events in the world, its organization means enormous sport diplomatic success for our country. However it could not come true without out remarkable sportsmen whose international reputation contributed to Hungary’s opportunity that Budapest and Balatonfüred got the organization right of the event. “With the opening ceremony we are celebrating their success”- said Éva Szántó, Managing Director of Bp2017. She added: “Thanks to all artists, organizers, technicians and volunteers who participated in the organization of this monumental performance.” The high working standards and the exceptional cooperation was obvious not only during the organization of the opening ceremony but it is characterizing the whole preparation process.”

In the organization of the opening ceremony- building on four thematic blocks about the connection of water, life, culture and sport- and the closing ceremony- 220 volunteers and young sportsmen and more than 510 artists are contributing, including Hungary’s biggest superstars like Péter Eötvös, Ágnes Herczku and Gergely Bogányi. In the event promising various style of music from contemporary classical to the world music, the British pop star Emeli Sandé also comes onstage.

Csaba Káel, the Principal Director of the opening and closing ceremony, Müpa’s Chief Executive Director emphasized in his press conference: „To implement a performance of this size on the Danube is transcending anything before and requires enormous preparedness. We are proud of our sportsmen, observed by amazement by the whole world for their extraordinary performance, and of our artists who are ambassadors of our Hungarian culture. By the opening and the closing ceremony we pay homage to the common faith, devotion and talent of our sportsmen and artists. The fact that in the heart of Budapest the Danube is providing place for the performance before the eyes of inhabitants and foreign visitors is unique in the whole world: guests can have a chance to see behind the curtains of an amazing performance combining various arts as one.”

The costumes of the performers were designed by the internationally acknowledged Kati Zoób who highlighted in her own press conference 150 models would strike a pose on the catwalk, including Hungarian superstars like Réka Ebegényi and Enikő Mihalik – it is not only a breath-taking haute couture fashion show it is more like a cultural-historical synopsis of the past 200 years in form of unique fabrics, cutting lines and dresses. Sándor Román, the choreographer of the opening ceremony, the Art Director of the ExperiDance said, he never experienced such a spirit of partnership in the preparation, in which artists, professional dancers and students are also participating representing the power of Hungarian folk dance, present in various languages, cultures and generations, affecting all from young to elder age groups.

Julie Cugurno, the Operational Director of ECA2,- the company responsible for the technical implementation of the opening ceremony- claimed: the performance is both domestically and internationally outstanding, including the most spectacular sights of the capital, and the scenery of the Danube which is part of UNESCO’s world heritage, presenting an array of special technical solutions building on the exceptional conditions of the location.

Photo: MTI

The closing ceremony of the 17th FINA World Championships starts at 9:30 PM 30 July in the Papp László Sport Arena after the last race. Bence Vági, the organizer of the closing ceremony, the leader of theRecirquel, emphasized, the performance is going to be the celebration of the world championships and of the sport achievements at the same time, however a closing ceremony always means continuity by which Hungary is passing the baton to the organizers of the World Championships in 2019. The closing ceremony, moving more than 200 artists in dances and circuses, is a Hungarian product, performers, including 80 acrobats and more than 50 dancers- are arriving from 18 countries of the world. Besides the sets a monumental puppet is also appearing on the stage

The performances are broadcast live by the Magyar Television. Besides this spectators can follow the events at the Budapest2017 Aquastics Fan Park- in the designated zones on the Margarethe Island and Duna Arena- or on the displays of the Quay. The closing ceremony can be attended free but registration is needed on the spot. Tickets are available via the ticket network of the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena.

Photos: József Szaka, MTI

Source: MTI

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